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Jennifer Hernandez- Envision Design & Staging LLC​

     I am a Realtor who has had great success with design and staging interiors and exteriors of homes to help homeowners get the most value for their house in the least amount of time.  I've honed and developed my skills through my every day experiences throughout my career in real estate.  Through observation I have learned what attracts buyers to a home.  Staging my own listings has shown me how even subtle changes can make a world of difference in how a buyer sees a home.  In addition, as I tour homes with my buyer clients, I listen to what attracts them most to a home.  When my clients are stuck and can't seem to find that perfect home, I have suggested ideas of small changes they could make to that "almost" perfect home to make it the one for them.  Many of my past clients have used my design ideas to make changes to their home so that the space works so much better for them. 

     I also enjoyed working with an architect on designing an addition to my own home which made our home so much more open for entertaining and livable for our day to day lives.  It was very important to me that the new addition blended seamlessly with our current home's interior and exterior.  The finished project  was a success.  

     I worked on another design project for a buyer client of mine.  They had worked with me to find and purchase their new home that had everything they loved except a front porch.  The sun shown on the front of the house all day making the foyer very warm and the front door knob extremely hot.  I shared with them some ideas I had for a front porch design.  When they couldn't quite envision what I was describing, I drew a picture of how it would look for them on an existing picture of their home.  They loved it and were able to take the drawing to their contractor and he was able to create my design.  The contractor and neighbors have been very complementary on how elegant the porch turned out and how much it added to their home.  It was so gratifying to see my design become reality and my client's positive reaction to their new porch!  



Jennifer Hernandez
Envision Design & Staging LLC
How it all started...

I got started staging homes for sale a couple years ago when I had a vacant home listed for sale.  The owner had done a wonderful job preparing the home for sale.  She had updated the bathrooms, installed new beautiful hardwood flooring, granite counters and stainless appliances in the kitchen, and painted the entire home with a fresh coat of neutral paint.  The home was priced competitively based on my review of comparative sales but for some reason it just wasn't selling.  I asked every agent that showed it to give me feedback.  I kept hearing that it was dark.  The home was on the market for 3 weeks without an offer.  The seller was ready to drop the price.  I told her that I didn't think we needed to do that.  I asked if she would like me to stage the home.  She agreed.  I used the realtor feedback and my knowledge as a realtor for what attracts buyers to stage this home.  I added lights that were on timers, I added a large mirror to reflect light from the patio door, I added other reflective items.  I decorated the family room, dining area, and master bedroom with comfortable, neutral furnishings.  I added towels and shower curtains to the bathrooms.  I accessorized the kitchen and added a small lamp in a dark corner of the counter.  As soon as I updated the listing with the new pictures, we were flooded with showings and had 3 offers in just 3 days of the staging!  I have now had this same success with all my listings that I have staged. 

     Because of my success with staging homes for sale as well as designing additions & renovations that work, I decided I would start to offer my skills to other Realtors and their clients as well as homeowners just looking for a change. 

     That was the start of

Envision Design & Staging LLC

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