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Model Home:

 This project is a builder's model home. The home was vacant when I began.  The builder was downsizing and asked me to use some of the furniture from his personal home to stage the model.  I used a his furniture and some art and accented it with accessories owned by Envision Design & Staging.  There was a home directly behind this model.  It caused buyers to look out the windows at the close home rather than focus on the features of the model home.  To address this, I added woven wood blinds to hang just below sight level of the neighboring home.  Now as buyers toured the model, they focused on the grassy backyard and interior features of the home. The rooms were softened and "cozied" up with warm furnishings and accessories.  The builder had chosen a modern medal chandelier for the dining area so to accentuate that, I added touches of silver throughout the dining area to create an elegant dining space.     


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