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Partially Furnished Home Staged:

What a FUN and large project this was!  This home is a beautiful mid-century design.  The owner had moved but had left some furniture.  I used what she had left and also some of my own inventory to stage this home.  I worked on neutralizing some of the more extravagant decor to draw buyer's attention to the large windows and wooded lake view.  There were venetian blinds on ALL the windows.  The slats were open but the slats themselves detracted from the view.  They stopped the buyer's view at the blinds.  I suggested raising the blinds completely to bring the outdoors in.  What a difference it made!  Wish I had gotten a picture of the before!  I suggested that change on my first tour of the property and the listing agents liked it so much they raised all the blinds while I was there and we never put them back down!  The had been on the market a while without an offer.  The next person to tour the home following my staging, made an offer!  Staging makes ALL the difference! 




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