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Seasonal Decorating

Changing your decor to fit the season is a nice way to freshen your home's look and bring that season's "feel" to your home.  I would be glad to decorate your home for the season either by using what you have or by buying items to get "the look" you want or use a mix of both what you already have and some new items.  I will meet with you prior to decorating to get a feel for your style.  I will do the shopping for you and decorate your home for the season.  There is an hourly shopping fee in addition to the cost of the items purchased.  We will set a budget beforehand and anything you don't care for can be returned. 

     I also enjoy doing table settings and would be glad to help you with a formal table setting or advice on table settings.  I do my own floral work as well.  This can be helpful to you when planning a holiday meal or a wedding or other celebration.  Let me take the table setting off your "to do" list!

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